Our Team

Wow! Stuff has grown just a little bit since the early days of the ARSE/FACE towel. We now have three offices based all over the world, one in LA, Hong Kong and Wolverhampton (think we all know who got the bad end of the deal there). We owe our continued success to the dedicated team, who work around the clock to continue to build the Wow! Stuff brand.

The team have a wealth of experience working with the worlds largest retailers, while they're not all pretty, they are good bods and they do work hard. The directors are often ably supported by assistants who help them look good, (not physically as they're too late for that now) while others have to try and be good at what they do all on their own.

Take a look at the whole team during their more youthful days below, most of them look a little older now but none of them act it.

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  1. Richard North
    Richard North

    Founder and President

  2. Kenny McAndrew
    Kenny McAndrew

    Director & Joint Head of New Product Development

  3. Graeme Taylor
    Graeme Taylor

    Director & Joint Head of New Product Development

  4. Jon Birch
    Jon Birch

    Sales Director

  5. Ewan Gibb
    Ewan Gibb

    Finance Director

  6. Jim Wyatt
    Jim Wyatt

    Creative Director - Wow Labs

  7. Mark Gasson
    Mark Gasson

    Creative Director - Wow Labs

  8. Alison Ralley
    Alison Ralley

    Senior National Account Manager

  9. Giuseppe Insogna
    Giuseppe Insogna

    Senior National Account Manager

  10. David Chester
    David Chester

    National Account Co-ordinator

  11. Samantha Burton
    Samantha Burton

    Financial Controller and Company Secretary

  12. Karen Bate
    Karen Bate

    Cost Accountant

  13. Ella Wood
    Ella Wood

    PA to the Directors & Office Manager

  14. Josie Lee
    Josie Lee

    Product Development Assistant

  15. Brett Morgan
    Brett Morgan

    Creative Director

  16. Kathy Cook
    Kathy Cook

    Senior Graphic Designer

  17. Charley Fears
    Charley Fears

    Graphic Designer

  18. Sophie Carrier
    Sophie Carrier

    Graphic Designer

  19. Joanna Richmond
    Joanna Richmond

    UK Supply Chain Manager

  20. Marco Ku
    Marco Ku

    Hong Kong - General Manager

  21. Leo Ho
    Leo Ho

    Hong Kong - QA Manager

  22. Paul Wong
    Paul Wong

    Hong Kong - Senior Merchandiser

  23. Rockie Kwan
    Rockie Kwan

    Hong Kong - Senior Merchandiser

  24. Maggie Yu
    Maggie Yu

    Hong Kong - Assistant Merchandiser

  25. Jackie Wong
    Jackie Wong

    Hong Kong - Shipping Manager

  26. Vega Kan
    Vega Kan

    Hong Kong - Shipping Supervisor

  27. Eliza Cheng
    Eliza Cheng

    Hong Kong - Accountant