About Us

Our Wow! Stuff gifts and toys division aim's to sell the highest number of products per square foot within the stores of our major retail partners.

Every product we create goes through the most stringent testing and factory audit procedures to ensure they meet the values of the brands they represent. By providing great licensed brands, in-house developed products and innovative ways to bring them to life, we are focused on increasing shareholder and retailer value.

We are continuing our aim of inventing and bringing to the market, fresh, exciting and innovative products with mass market and international sales appeal. Our stuff is now available in many different countries. We really do invent our stuff too, as opposed to sourcing stuff that's already sitting on a factory shelf somewhere and being sold by loads of different people in loads of different brands.

Since 2014/15 we have ramped up Wow! Stuff’s NPD (New Product Development), signed lots of new gift licenses and our tech division Wow! Labs is now a ‘stand-alone’ (in a nice way) business with a strategy to build the biggest, best and most exciting model vehicle racing system. See www.realfxracing.com