My Mystery UFO

How on earth does it fly?

Mystify your family and friends as the UFO hovers and floats around you!

My Mystery UFO has no batteries, no remote control, does not use static electricity and is completely silent to operate. So how on Earth does it work?

The secret to this illusion is inside, so only you know how to operate the UFO

Give it to your friends and family to see if they can make it fly.

    • 1x My Mystery UFO
    • Full explanation of how it works and the science behind the illusion.
    • Tips and Tricks DVD included
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  • Wonderful 'boy's toy'. Instruction DVD showed how to get started quickly. Easy to use and great fun. - lisbuyer
    I enjoyed it because it looked like the UFO is floating in thin air! - Joshua
    Having seen this product in a shop, I decided to buy it for a friend's gift which he has had a lot of fun with! It is easy to use, fun and will mhystify your friends if you get it right!! - Morton
    (What is this?) This review is from: Science Museum My Mystery Mid Air Floating UFO (Toy) I'm impressed with this product, Science Museum. It may not have any flying skills, however it's fun if you think that to everyone else it DOES fly!
    I would recommend this product to anybody under the age of 12.
    :D - jetstar444
    Kept a 'big kid' entertained! - Liz
    Good secret santa present. My colleague loved it and his kid even more !! Good way to start your magician experience. - R. Fenerol "Raphael Fenerol" (UK)
    Saw these being demonstrated in Hamleys whilst on a trip to London. The tricks that you can do with these are amazing and everyone that was watching were impressed. The UFO comes with a DVD of tricks for easy learning. I came home and regretted not getting one. So glad they are sold on here. Cant wait for mine to arrive to start learning tricks. - Ella Wood