The Arse/Face Towel

The Arse Face Towel is an essential piece of kit for anyone who's worried about their bathroom hygiene. With an ordinary towel you can never be sure whether the corner you've just rubbed all over your face was last used to dry something clean or those dirty nether regions that we'd rather not speak of. Luckily for you the Arse Face Towel is far from ordinary!

The Arse/Face Towel uses a simple yet effective system to ensure that your drying routine is never compromised. The white side labelled 'FACE' is for drying your ever so precious nose and cheeks whereas the brown side is for a whole 'nother region that's rarely let out in public (we're talking about your bum). It's labelled 'ARSE' to avoid all confusion. The Arse Face Towel is the only way to ensure you stay 100% clean after you've exited the shower. Take your drying routine to the next level by ordering today!

  • The Arse Face Towel is made from 100% cotton

    It measures at 100cm x 57cm

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