Why use video

By Richard North, founder of multi-award winning site boysstuff.co.uk

Online 'web TV' and video is set to grow by 200% in 2008. The use of broadband will make the downloading of large quantity of data and data streaming accessible to 85% of UK households, 89% of USA households and 76% of European households by Dec 2007 (according to Mintel research 2007).

Now, here's the important bit. If you act now, you are at the forefront of this revolution. In the early days of UK internet use (1995-2002) most sites were designed around the limitations of data capacity (the speed with which a website would fully download pictures and graphics). Consequently, there is a legacy of designing sites with fewer graphics and more text. This is changing - and fast. Broadband capacity eliminates much of the download time associated with quality graphics, pictures and...VIDEOS!

A page advert in a newspaper takes just a second for your eye and brain to assimilate the information presented. No scrolling down or waiting for downloading images and graphics delays this process. But, whereas the printed page can only feature still pictures, the web is of course unique in being able to offer both still pictures and video. Web 2.0 sites such as YouTube.com have paved the way for the use of this format and attracted an unprecedented community of followers and users.

Wow! Stuff utilises the excitement of video to show how the products work and how they benefit the user. We are providing an ever growing range of videos that will enhance your sales. They are the perfect aid to your website and will add great theatre to a retail store environment.